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Okay.  Today is the day that Lego Batman is officially released.  My boys have been pestering asking me to stop at the local stores they know carry video games for the past several days (even though I’ve told them multiple times that it is not available until today).
I’ve got a couple of ideas, but we’ve got a bunch of smart parents who read this blog, so I’m looking for your help.

Here’s the short of it – my boys (and myself) really want Lego
. Now, while technically I could afford to go to a store today and purchase it, I’m hoping to use this as an object lesson for the boys.  If we pool their allowance (and add what cash is presently in my wallet) – not even close to being able to afford the game
(hey – plastic is my form of payment 90% of the time).

They’ve asked. I’ve explained.

So…I want to find a creative way to help them see the value of this game given:

  1. Their financial resources (not much)

  2. Their time (and my time)

I’ve thought of having them do extra chores – however, the oversight required to monitor said extra chores is a net negative for me.  I’ve thought of having them do chores for GeekMom, but the same oversight is required – a net negative for GeekMom.

This is where I need your help.  I want them to understand the value of the game and the financial resources/time that they have.  I do
NOT need to purchase this game on the first day that it is available (even though I really, really want to)….but I do want a reasonable and attainable goal for them to start learning the value of their time/financial resources.

I know our readers will help me out…and I can’t wait to read the comments.

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