Run to See Walking with Dinosaurs

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A couple of the other GeekDads have seen the show (read here and here), but it was finally my turn! We took the kids to see Walking With Dinosaurs, a "live" version of a well-respected BBC series that utililizes special effects to show an paleontologist actually watching and interacting with various dinos and educating viewers about all things saurian.  The live show uses some rather ingeniously-built animatronic beasts to act out the same idea on an arena stage, complete with grand, Jurassic Park-esqe music, cool lighting, and other fun special effects.

The information imparted is pretty simplistic, but that’s not the point.  The dinos look really, really good, and give you an awesome feeling for the true scale of these beasts.  Every kid around us (and mine own as well) were entranced and excited as each new creature made an appearance, culminating with good old T. Rex (whom you’ll see in the clip below). Highly recommended!   

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