Trading Spaces: Sea Monkey Challenge

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I recently scored a bag of brine shrimp (aka Sea Monkeys) to feed to my growing fish collection.  The boy always looks forward to feeding the fish, and doubly so when the food makes it challenging.   The problem is we’re fast depleting our supply, and resupplying weekly is out of the question.   The jar I have them in is nice and all but not really the fun happy home I had in mind for the soon-to-be-consumed.  I hopped onto Amazon to see what my options were.

It wasn’t that long ago that sea monkeys all came in the same mini-tank.  If you were lucky you were able to choose what color the stand came in.  Now?  MTV could be doing episodes of Cribs in the aquatic mansions they have.  A brief bit of poking around turned up a plethora of high end arthropod real estate.  Are you in the market for a castle?  No problem.Looking for some undersea adventure? Sure thing.  Even if Terra is too boring for your tastes they’ve got you covered.  As nice as these places were they didn’t really fit the bill.  Building my own was the only solution. So I jotted down some themes I could work with:

  • A scale replica of the LHC
  • Lady Liberty’s head in the sand ala Planet of the Apes
  • Wil Wheaton’s head in the sand ala Creepshow

Yeah, I’m gonna need some help.  So I put it to you, fellow GeekDads.  What kind of pad would you build for a wriggling school of invertebrates? 

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