GeekDad Review: Dr. Frankenstein’s Human Body Book by Richard Walker

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Most parents probably get their kids an anatomy book at some point, because all kids are curious about how their bodies work. The trouble is that most anatomy books—even most kids’ anatomy books—are very dry reading.

DK has just come out with a hardcover anatomy book designed to be different. Dr. Frankenstein’s Human Body Book is just as informative as any kids’ anatomy book I’ve seen, but it’s written as though by Dr. Frankenstein. It has journal entries from Frankenstein, old-style fonts and decoration, and much of the text is written as though describing the process of putting a human body together from pieces. This adds enough humor to lighten the subject, but not enough to detract from the significant details.

As usual with DK books, it’s well put-together, with glossy hard pages and a holographic cutaway heart on the cover. I can’t imagine too many kids, and especially boys (if they’re anything like my son, anyway), not enjoying the combination of the inherent gross-out aspect of the inside of the human body and the Frankenstein veneer the book adds. If you’re looking for a good anatomy book for your kids, I highly recommend this one—there may be more detailed ones than this, but it’s a good bet this one is more likely to hold your kids’ interest.

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