Tiny Engines of War

Geek Culture


Like to fling things through the air but have insufficient room at your desk for massive siege machines? You can get these Wooden War Engine Kits to lend a medieval flair to your cubicle warfare arsenal. The Catapult Kit is rubber band powered (not included) and can hurl paper balls and other small items approximately 10 feet. The Trebuchet Kit is counter-weighted by 78 pennies (also, not included) and has a range of around 20 feet. Both kits are precut and pre-drilled, and will need to be glued (you guessed it, BYOG) during assembly. The dimensions for both kits are 8″ long X 4″ wide X 6″ high.

The seller stresses that these are functional units and for educational purposes only. (You can put your eye out kid!) These are not intended for small children. Also, since they have to be glued together, the kits are non-returnable once opened. The Catapult Kit cost $19.00 USD and the Trebuchet Kit runs $34.99 and are both available from ThinkGeek.com

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