Robot 250 Festival Pushing the Definition of Robots

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Are you a GeekDad in Pittsburgh, PA?  If so, you’re in luck: the Robot 250 festival is kicking off in your neck of the woods this week:

Robot 250 is a massive city-wide community art and technology program culminating in a two-week festival in July with exhibits, workshops, outdoor displays, movies and other installations throughout the Pittsburgh area. The most visible component of Robot 250 will be the BigBots, giant robotic artworks that push the boundaries of what a robot can look like and do. Their designs range from the mobile “Look-See Tree” with its six motion activated mini-theaters to the rooftop-bound, 15-foot foam
“You’re #1” hand, which will point to people, blocks or even miles away.

Of course, my favorite is the robotic lawn-mowing sheep (shown here).  Wonder if I can get one for my front yard?  The Robot 250 festival runs through July 27 at various locations around Pittsburgh.

Robot 250 festival website.

Found via io9.

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