Capcom Uses Fan-made Re-mixes for Super Street Fighter Update

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BotaBotaThe graphics in forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Store release Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix aren’t the only things getting a face lift. Just as the title will offer a modern visual overhaul, a rebalanced arcade mode, and robust stat tracking, so too will it boast a new soundtrack from a most unlikely source: game music community OverClocked ReMix.

After hearing the community’s Blood on the Asphalt compilation, itself a tribute to the music of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, producer Rey Jimenez contacted project coordinator Shael Riley and, ultimately, site founder djpretzel. In a move that was groundbreaking, if not totally out of character – Capcom also elected to officially license hip-hop artist Random’s Mega Ran album as opposed to presenting him with the anticipated cease and desist order – the publisher worked with the OC Remix to incorporate edited versions of some of the album’s tracks (and several new arrangements) into this retooled classic. Featured ReMixers include zircon, djpretzel, and nerdcore/geek rock supergroup The Grammar Club, whose interpretation of Zangief‘s theme has been a bit of a public secret for months.

With mainstream videogame publishers and developers like Capcom, Valve, and Harmonix actively seeking out independent musicians to contribute to their established franchises, one is left to wonder what the future holds for this fledgling relationship between the big business of electronic entertainment and the relative obscurity of the geeky artist.

Could we hear MC Lars on a future iteration of Sing Star? Pixelh8 scoring the next great retro platformer? Guitar Hero: The Minibosses?

Perhaps I overstate my case a bit, but you get the idea; in a world where big name companies have learned to leverage underground talent as a subtle asset, anything is possible.

Via Ars Technica

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