How to Upgrade to the iPhone 3G

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You’re a parent who desperately wants to swap your old and busted iPhone for the new hotness.  Problem is you still haven’t managed to convince your significant other that said purchase will enrich your family’s life.
We feel your pain.  That is why GeekDad has put together this step-by-step guide to procuring the new iPhone 3G.

  1. Get offspring hooked on Star Wars
  2. Download PhoneSaber
  3. Take junior for a walk in a rocky/paved area
  4. Load aforementioned app
  5. Hand phone to child
  6. Re-enact any Star Wars duel that involves the loss of an arm
  7. Repeat 6 until opponent’s "weapon" swan dives into the concrete
  8. Buy your child’s silence with sweets/ice cream/toy-that-you’re-gonna-play-with-anyway
  9. Explain unfortunate accident to your superior officer
  10. Head to the Apple store to collect your prize
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