More Great Pictures From the GeekDad Flickr Group

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It’s time once again for some new, neato images sent to the GeekDad Flickr Group by our wonderful readers.  If you’re a GeekDad or Mom, like to take pictures, and have a Flickr account, consider joining the group and adding your shots as well!

Eyes on a real artifact.

Aluminum AppleAluminum Apple

Awesome geek cake (and the shirt rocks, too)!

9th Bday9th Bday

Of course, trying to get the Deathstar plans out of him would be a federal offense.

R2 mailbox in Juneau, AKR2 mailbox in Juneau, AK

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, B, A, start.

Future GamerFuture Gamer

Zemanta PixieZemanta Pixie

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