Geeks and Brutes Race Today

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316664862_viadam316664862_viadam The Geekiest Minneapolis company I know is racing this morning.  The "Minneathlon" timed clue-based race  involves eight two-person teams traveling by Bus, Train or Foot around downtown Minneapolis.  This years theme combines brain vs brawn; Geeks and Brutes.

Logic has GPS trackers on each team, updated live. After a brief rules review, the Teams left the "World Domination Table" at 8:30 am CST with their envelopes containing items for use in the race. 

At 9:27am CST,  Team 0xDEADBEEF was either way ahead or completely lost.  The other seven teams were  clustered near St. Anthony Main.  The race website  has bios and tracking history for each team. 

The teams themselves can win prizes, as can Logic folks who select a winner at each stage of the race. 

Here’s how it will work.  Prior to the race kickoff, everybody that wants to be in on the prize drawings will submit the name of their favorite team.  Your name will go in a ‘hat’ with everyone else that is betting on that team.

At each checkpoint, if your team arrives first – we draw from your team’s ‘hat’ for a prize (or prizes).  The more checkpoints your teams hit first, the more chances you have to WIN!  There are some rules, of course.  Nobody will be allowed to win more than one prize.  Racers are not allowed to win the checkpoint prizes.  Finally, if there are no more remaining names in a hat – we’ll go to the 2nd place hat.  That could happen if a long shot overachieves.

Needless to say, trash talk is all a part of the game.

Southern Fuego will smoke YA’LL to the ground Texas sytle. Afterwards we can chill out the flames with some brewskies. Eye of the tiger baby, eye of the tiger.

Good Luck To all the teams.


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