GeekDad Builds the Anti-Aquarium

Geek Culture

Hans, from the Netherlands, send in this picture, and story of the cool project his father built:

Hai, I wanted to share this: my father invented a supmarine, like a reversed submarine, in which fish can swim and look over the border of their pond (the pond in this case is made of stainless steel and on wheels, which quite geeky too isn’t it? The supmarine is a glass filled with water, more or less upside down  so that the opening is under the water level of the pond. Fish can swim in and out as they want and look at the word from another angle.

So, all that’s needed it to add a motor, and a little steering wheel inside the supmarine, and those fish will be off!  But would they need a driver’s license, or a boating license? Hmm…

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