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InfernalInfernalMany a geek’s home was draped in black bunting when they heard that the Great Dungeon Master’s dice fell silent. Well, here is possibly the last chance you’ll get to experience his creative vision. Gygax, known for his flowery prose in the Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks he authored, carried over his writing style in a series of gloriously pulpy fantasy novels. All of these books saw print, save one: The Infernal Sorceress, due to be published this July.

Paizo Publishing’s Erik Mona describes the novel:

"A few months before Gary passed away, I asked if he had any unpublished fiction sitting around, thinking perhaps that I might put together an anthology of his short fiction," said Paizo’s Publisher, Erik Mona. "When he responded that he had an entire novel ready to go, I almost fell out of my chair. Infernal Sorceress is Gary’s 11th and final novel, produced when he was at the top of his game as a novelist. We are honored to be bringing the book to the public for the very first time, and I know Gary was pleased that the story will finally find an audience."

Infernal Sorceress debuts two new Gygax characters: the handsome swordsman Raker and his cunning daggerman Ferret, a duo of rough-and-tumble rogues ready for the intrigues and adventures of a hostile world. Swashbuckling swordplay, hideous monsters, and puzzling mysteries abound in this never-before-published tale from a master of sword and sorcery.

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