Download Firefox and Help Set a World Record

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When I was a kid, one "reference book" reigned supreme over all others: the Guinness Book of World Records. I mean, come on. Did the dictionary have beards of bees? Did the encyclopedia have Evel Kneivel jumping over school buses? I think not.

One thing even the hallowed Book didn’t have was a world record for "downloading" "Web browser" "software" over the "Internets". I mean, come on. Beards of bees are one thing, but the idea of millions of people all connecting their computers via wires in order to share the fruit of thousands of hours of work is just ludicrous.

Or is it? Now you, too, can help set a world record by simply pointing your (now outdated) Internet-brand Web-style browser software at the Download Day site and use up a little bandwidth to get the new hotness on Day 1. It has to be today, so if you have trouble getting it be sure to try again later in the day.

If setting a world record isn’t enough, ask the Webmonkey for more practical reasons why you should download Firefox 3 right now. And there you go. Download, share and enjoy!

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