Buzzball – The Hamster Ball for Humans

Geek Culture


The Buzzball creates the sensation of a loop-de-loop roller coaster, without all that pesky need for a track. Inside, the pilot straps into a control pod, a racing seat with five-point harness, which is mounted into a orb-shaped frame. This frame is then separated from the outer ball structure by what appear to be swivel casters with pneumatic wheels. Two drive tires, which are controlled by separate throttles on either side of the seat, essentially power the ball around the control pod to put it in motion.

The nausea-inducing fun part happens when the pilot changes direction or speed:

Once the Buzzball is in motion the pod maintains an upright position until the pilot turns, causing the pod to rotate inside the ball against the direction of travel, which applies a braking force and the pod to lock with the ball. This causes the pod to rotate with the ball until the weight of the pilot and pod overcomes the inertia forces and causes the Buzzball to change direction.

The Evento Company of New Zealand debuted a prototype of the Buzzball at the last International Association of Amusement Parks (IAAPA) Conference in Orlando. No word yet on when it will become available for purchase. Some of Evento’s other products include the GO-racer, which is a type of motorized scooter shaped like a toilet, and the Bathtub Racer which makes me harken back to the opening segment of the Monkees TV show. (Yes, I am that old.) via OhGizmo

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