Legos, Bugs, and Homeschooling Tangents

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We home-school some of our children.  Actually, I review reports, get updates from GeekMom on how the kids are doing, and take out the garbage when it’s full…it’s GeekMom that does the heavy lifting of teaching the kids.  I got an email from her recently showing a glimpse into a fun day at “Neumeier Academy” (aka our living room and home office – and sometimes the school-bus
Mini-van).  It can get pretty geeky.Bug1Bug1


Gotta love homeschooling :-).  The kids are making lego bugs that they would like to create.  They have to decide what their bug will eat, where it will live, if it can fly and what it’s defense mechanism will be
:-).  They are doing an awesome job coming up with creative bugs –
and science wasn’t even on the schedule today.

Actually, now we are off to make some Pilgrim Hasty Pudding.  And one would like to make a catapult, but I don’t think I have all the stuff to make that project.  It may have to wait.

Alas….no pictures were taken because GeekMom was in teaching mode and not thinking that I would turn her email into a GeekDad post….

There have been other days when the curriculum has taken a bit of a detour.  In December the history lesson morphed into a discussion on mountains (as they were important in the history lesson) which morphed into a discussion on plate tectonics.  GeekMom describing how things clicked for our oldest son as they explored this tangent was priceless.

It may also sound a bit chaotic (and there are times it is), but my wife has the organizational skills and drive of a Field
so it works.  The kids have their assignments for the day
– some are individual work, some are done collectively, and time-permitting, tangents are explored.

There are certainly days when things don’t go well – the grumpy bug sneaks into bedrooms and bites them before they wake up, the math lesson is particularly frustrating, or the dreaded exam day.
So, like anything, the good comes with the bad; but overall, I love how different things like science, physics, and other subjects are being learned without them realizing they shouldn’t like this stuff –
my hope is that later on when they are studying these topics in college, they think back to the days at “Neumeier Academy.”

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