All H.A.L.E. LEGOs in Space

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We’ve seen our fair share of using balloons to lift camera payloads into near-space to snap some awesome pictures of our very not-flat planet.  That’s good.  But what can really make a GeekDad sit up and take notice?  Yeah, add some LEGOs into the mix.

To help commemorate the 10th anniversary of LEGO® Mindstorms®, Nevada Space Grant, the University of
Nevada-Reno, National Instruments, The Energizer Battery Company, and the LEGO Mindstorms Team will be conducting the High Altitude LEGO

H.A.L.E is an event that will carry up to 15 LEGO Mindstorms-based payloads into the Earth’s stratosphere. At that altitude H.A.L.E. will be above 99.9% of the atmosphere. They payloads will be exposed to extreme  the cold and radiation of near space. The sky looks black and the curvature of the Earth is evident. Individuals and teams from all around the world are busy designing and building payloads for this historic event.

All payloads will be NXT and/or RCX controlled. Some teams will be flying cameras. Some will be flying scientific experiments. Most, importantly, every team will be having fun.

H.A.L.E. will take place in Reno, NV between
July 28-August 2 (exact date to be announced and contingent on weather).

The launch vehicle consists of an atmospheric weather balloon and a communication system to track the payloads. Once the balloon reaches approximately 30 km in altitude, it ruptures and the payloads return to the ground under parachute.

Projected minimum altitude: 27 km  (88,000 feet)
Projected maximum altitude 33 km (108,000 feet)

Check out the H.A.L.E. website for updates.

Here’s video of some of last year’s fun.

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