Intel ISEF2008: Personal Automated Fermenter/Distiller

Geek Culture


Another report from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta.  This video shows Eric Hodenfield and Devin Bezdicek with her project titled "Personal Automated Ethanol Fermenter and Distiller." Take a look in the Extended Post.

So, Eric and Devin have done an amazing job at streamlining and automating a process that has been so fundamentally important to humanity since before history began.  And the application, as a source of fuel for farmers who can use what would normally be throw-away "bad" crops to drive their trucks, is commendable.  I’ll just suggest that, when they go off to college, make sure their pictures are posted at every hardware and electronics store within a hundred miles of their dorms, with a caution not to sell them any plumbing supplies or solenoids, no matter what they say they need them for.  At least not until they’re 21; and even then…

Thanks to Intel for bringing me to this great event!

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