Intel ISEF2008: Neural Net Data Glove

Geek Culture


Another report from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta.  This video shows Colby Wilkason with her project titled "Application of Real Time Neural Networks for Use with Data Gloves." Take a look in the Extended Post.

Colby’s work is amazing, and has tremendous practical applications for sign-language translation, but it got me thinking.  She mentioned she wants to get to where the gloves could be wireless.  How hard would it be to adapt this for use with the Wii?  Wouldn’t that be the coolest, using data gloves to control games?  I could totally imagine playing a fantasy RPG and using the data gloves for spell-casting!  On second thought,though – it’s another specialty controller to buy, and we’ve already got enough GH guitars lying around the living room as is.

Thanks to Intel for bringing me to this great event!

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