GeekDad Challenge Of The Week Winner: Calling All Writers!

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Challenge: You’re going to need some help with this one. This is a parent-kid challenge, with a heavy emphasis on the younger portion of the collaboration. Grab your son, daughter, nephew or niece, sit down in front of a keyboard and – in 250 words or fewer – supply us with a story that builds on the following sentence:

“When Commander Carl stepped through the door of his capsule, he was shocked to see …”

Winner: We had some really terrific entries — wonderful, fantastic stories — but there has to be a winner and this week’s challenge winner is Andy Pavey, who gets a $50 gift certificate from ThinkGeek. The winning parent/kid story goes like this:

When Commander Carl stepped through the door of his capsule, he was shocked to see dinosaurs prowling the ruined city of New York. Carl realized that the reason dinosaurs had disappeared was that they went to the future. Don’t make any sudden movements, he thought as a T-Rex approached him with a greedy look in its beady little eyes. When the dino was about a foot from his head, it opened its mouth wide. So this is how it ends. Drat, I left the water running at home! Carl thought. The T-Rex, jaws ready, slowly began to talk. “You see, us dinosaurs became slightly more sophisticated than your puny human race. That is why, as you arrived in your time capsule, you saw no humans except the primitive rebels that live in caves. They are like instant oatmeal. Just add water. Only dinosaurs use FIRE!” At that moment, a plume of fire erupted from the T-Rex’s mouth, completely engulfing the time capsule and a large chunk of Carl’s arm. Commander Carl started to limp away, but as he turned back to see what had become of the dinosaur, he was speechless. Blowing up the time capsule had sent Carl and the T-Rex back to 2011.

Congratulations to Andy. And if you’d like to get $10 off any purchase of $50 or more at ThinkGeek, just enter the code GEEKDAD21FK at checkout. Thanks to everyone who entered and check back tomorrow for a new challenge.

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