The Complete Guide to Painting Miniatures

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Back in the day when I played a lot of D&D, I used the occasional miniature in games where the GM was into using a hex map for laying out encounters.  Mine were usually the ugliest ones on the table, though, because I never had the patience or skill to really trick them out.  But I wonder if I’d had this book whether I might have done a better job.

The gaming minifig painting site Cool Mini or Not has created what looks like an awesome 400-page e-book guide to sculpting, painting, converting, basing, and photographing miniatures.
There’s even a scenery section. I didn’t buy and download the actual book, but the free sample section and TOC are impressive. The PDF is

For that price, anyone interested in painting figures for D&D or Warhammer or any other tabletop game would be crazy not to pick it up, and it’d make a great intro to kids when they get into the craft as well.  Hey, you have pictures of awesome figures you’ve painted?  Post them to the GeekDad Flickr pool!

Link to The Ultimate Miniature Painting Guide.

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