Mugging It Up, Star Wars Style

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Look, we Star Wars fans – especially those of us, um “seasoned” enough to remember seeing the originals in the theater – know we can be hard to buy for. All that preachy stuff from Yoda about patience and control? Yeah, you put new toys, LEGO, comics, books, whatever out there, and we’re likely to chuck the Jedi code down the reactor shaft before you can say “Try not.”

Makes it tough to surprise us, sometimes.

Image: Star Wars artist JAKeImage: Star Wars artist JAKe

Image: Star Wars artist JAKe

However, friends and relatives, despair not: I guarantee your favorite Force-user doesn’t have one of these cool Hasbro Mighty Mugg pieces brought to my attention by Bonnie Burton over at Lucasfilm. All of the custom vinyl figures in the charity auction known as “The Empire Muggs Back” project are one-of-a-kind, and they range from mainstream characters like the Emperor to old-school faces from the original Marvel comic line – I’m looking at you, Jaxxon – to more conceptual pieces like this Death Star battle interpretation.

There are creations up for grabs by “Clone Wars” director Dave Filoni, former Go-Go and well-known Star Wars nut Jane Wiedlin, Fanboys director Kyle Newman, and a slew of other artists, comic book creators and toy designers. Bonnie’s been doing a series of interviews with them about their works.

The auctions end this Friday, August 14.

(Oh, and those leftover Jar-Jar tongue lollipops you’re finding at the flea market and considering picking up for us? Seriously, don’t.)

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