How Do GeekDads Schedule Their Family Time?


I ask because I’m wondering.

We are a relatively normal semi/sub-urban family.  Mom and dad work full time jobs, boys are in school and have bowling and baseball leagues.  I do this blogging thing, with podcasts, and the GeekMom does some PTA volunteering as well.  So there’s games and meetings and weekly chores and homework and the occasional birthday party to attend.  We have to do the shopping and the cleaning, try to get the lawn mowed once in a while, take the dogs to the part or the vet, and generally do all the things families do.

We get by.  We do okay.  But a lot of the time it feels like we’re rushing hither and yon like decapitated poultry.  So, I’m wondering that the other GeekDads and GeekMoms do out there.  What sort of scheduling tools or rules or systems do you use?  We have access to plenty of technology for the purpose: desktops and laptops with calendars that will sync with our smartphones; email and sms and to-do lists and so forth.  It’s nice to have those items, but it’s even nicer to have a system or regimen that informs you how to handle things as they come up.  So tell me, what are folks doing out there?  How do you all handle all the needs and responsibilities of the modern geek family?

Image via the Open Clip Art Project.

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