Classify Your Ride

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Admit it, you weren’t always rolling as cool as you are now. You rode that hand-me down bike for years.  You’ve had death-trap cars.  It’s been better to stand on some of the public transport you’ve taken, just to make escape quicker. 


You’ve had your favorites too.  That slick fixed gear Surly. The pickup that made you so many friends when they moved. The sporty car you had in college.  The reliable one you traded up to when the Ramen budget was shrunk by the ‘sporty’ repair bills.  Even the mundane ones that just got you from place to place.

Classify your transportation timeline and rate how you’ve been getting around all these years. I’ll offer up my own history as an example.  Feel free to mock my vehicle choices over the years.

update: I just threw the chart together in Excel, no coding fu or weblinks, sorry.


click on the grid to enlarge

adapted Ford Pinto image courtesy of roadsidepictures

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