JAXA Probe Captures Full Earthrise

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The Japanese Space Angency (JAXA) in cooperation with the Japan Broadcast Company (NHK) have released an HDTV movie of a full Earthrise, as seen from the Moon. The Kaguya (Selene) Lunar Probe captured the images on April 6, 2008.

An "Earth-rise," or the rising Earth over the Moon, was first captured by the Apollo project. The Earth rising image taken by the KAGUYA on November 7, 2007, was not a full Earth-rise (i.e. not all of the globe was seen in shining blue.) It missed some part. This time, a "full Earth-rise"*1 was taken by the onboard HDTV in faraway space, some 380,000 km away from the Earth. This is the world’s first successful shooting of such a Full Earth-Rise. It was also very precious because it was one of only two chances in a year for the KAGUYA to capture a Full Earth-Rise when the orbits of the Moon, the Earth, the Sun and the KAGUYA are all lined up.

Video of the Full Earth-Rise and Full Earth Set can be accessed from the JAXA website.

Via Moon Daily

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