Because the World Needs More Giant Robots

Geek Culture

RobotRobotWhile you may be fixated on humans riding dangerous machinery, crazy young inventor Jamie Mantzel has got you beat. His Giant Robot Project is an attempt to, well, build a giant robot. As he says:

"This project is the culmination of one basic premise.  The world needs more giant robots!…The giant robot I plan to build will also be the greatest offroad vehicle on the planet.  That makes it extra cool, and I think will help to bring science and engineering to a whole new audience.  No longer will we need to look to science fiction for our giant robots.  They will be part of the world."

A noble aim. His working prototype is all levels of cool, and I can’t wait to see the finished model in action. If he succeeds in making this thing, our robot overlords will now have the foot soldiers they need for complete domination.

He’s pretty far along, and you can track his progress on YouTube in his video diary of the project, or on his website. He’s also looking for help with materials and such.

Jamie is one talented cat with all sorts of creations to explore on his website. He’s closer in age to a fully developed geek pupa than a dad. But we can only hope our own children will aspire to such madness.

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