RepRap Timelapse!

Geek Culture

Check out this cool timelapse of NYC Resistor(1) folks doing a test print on their RepRap(2).

1) What or who is NYC Resistor? A hacker collective in downtown Brooklyn. Founders include vlogger Bre Pettis and hardware hacker Tom Igoe. The organization’s web site says members “meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community.”

2) RepRap is a open source rapid prototyping project by the RepRap Research Foundation. They describe their project this way: “Instead of printing on bits of paper this 3D printer makes real, robust, mechanical parts. To give you an idea of how robust these parts are think of LEGO bricks and you’re in the right area.” The cooler-than-cool goal of the organization is to be able to actually use a RepRap to print out another printer. Right now they can do only a quarter of the machine, but it’s still a worthy goal. Wanna build your own? Check out their site and find out how you can get parts and software.

Unfortunately, NYCR’s RepRap just printed out… well, not exactly mush, but not a whole lot better. But that’s why it’s a test print! Good luck, guys.

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