‘Aces Weekly’ Wants You: Web Comics Every Week

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Run by the one and only David Lloyd, this UK-based subscription service offers great comics, cool artists, and more.

The serials and short stories come in seven-part volumes (they have 25 complete volumes so far), with all kind of topics. Drama, sci-fi, thrillers, and funnies, you can choose to subscribe to them in a weekly dose or have the complete set to read all at once.
David Lloyd is the well-known illustrator and co-creator of V for Vendetta, and he is the man behind Aces Weekly. His other work includes Hellblazer, Aliens, Marlowe, Global Frequency, War Stories, and Kickback.

Lloyd visited us in Bolivia last April, part of a grand Latin American Tour to promote his online magazine. He is a great person and was open to receive artists’ work for publication as well. What he is looking for, in case you’re interested, is great artwork and great stories. He won’t settle for less, and he is really open for submissions.

As for the magazine, you can get 200 pages and extras for £1 a week, in any currency. Volume 25 features the following stories:

  • “BOOM! NOWHERE” by Katie Cunningham and Heather Fisher.
  • “THE BIG HIT” by Jok and Santullo.
  • “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?” by Paul Rainey.
  • “GOONS OF THE GALAXY” by Marc Jackson.
  • “THE FLIGHT” by Jeff Vaughn and Brendon and Brian Fraim.
  • “MERCY KILLING” by Marcello Bondi and Giuseppe Latanza.
  • “CHIEF INSPECTOR GATOR” by Anthony Zicari and Oscar Capristo.

Aces Weekly is really digital, and available it’s for tablet, laptop, desktop, or smart TV. You can check some free samples here.

I think web comics are great; Lloyd says printing costs made it almost impossible to keep up with good, quality independent publishing, but that becoming digital really changed the game. You can learn more about the author and the project by following these links:


(All images are available from the website.)

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