The Joy of Rockets. . . and a Theory of Everything?

Geek Culture

The TED conference looked at the "big questions’ this year.  Good, Evil and Why are We Here?; pretty much all the questions your five year old asks you in the car every week.  Did you attend TED this year? Did they answer any questions for you or just leave you wanting more?

At least one two Geekdads took part in the conference.  Geekdad contributor Steve Jurvetson presented at TED this week last year. The video has some great rocket shots and some even better rocket ‘landings.’  Chris Anderson’s post is above.

Update: It looks like the embedded video works in IE, but may not appear in Firefox (other browsers?)  Here’s the link to the video. Thanks for the heads up, Chris. Aargh, Steve presented this last year, sorry for the error.

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