My other car is a JL421 “Donk”

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Well – not really.  But this would certainly stand out among the ever-present SUVs and mini-vans swarming across the highways and byways.


The JL421 Badonkadonk (or “Donk”) is built by NAO Design and looks to be inspired by Jabba the Hut’s ship in Return of the Jedi.

describes it as “
a one-of-a-kind ‘armored land cruiser/recreational tank’.” Crafted to carry up to 5 people, the Donk’s Tecumseh engine allows the vehicle to go up to speeds of
40mph.  It also boasts a 400 watt sound system (iPod compatible) and at night transforms into a hovercraft-looking party barge (of sorts)
– complete with ground effects.


A couple of downsides: First, it is not street legal.  It is licensed as a recreational vehicle so you’ll need some wide-open spaces to drive this thing around.  Second, the price.  It’s listed on Amazon for $20,000 (not including shipping).


All images from NAO

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