I, For One, Welcome Our New LEGO Cell Phone-Controlled Robot Overlords

Geek Culture

Here’s a fun one: controlling your LEGO robot via the Internet alone is just passe’.  Nowadays, you can use the Internet, but you have to be able to do it with your mobile phone.

TeMo is controlled using an Ajax based webage. The webpage is served by a tiny webserver running on a mobile phone that is mounted on the robotic platform. TeMo is also capable of sending pictures in realtime to the user terminal (and possibly also video in the near future).

So, here’s my concept: I’m a GeekDad, picking up the kids at school, and I want the snacks ready and waiting when we get home.  I pull up my TeMo control on my cell (once they’ve ported the web-app to the iPhone, if course), and give little Robby the appropriate commands, and when we arrive, voila’! 

Check out the whole story at EmbisysFound via Make.

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