Make It So, Mr. Wheaton

Geek Culture

This one’s for GeekDad friend, Wil Wheaton.  Back in The GeekDads Episode 6: Activate the Nostalgia Center – Zombies Are the New Pirates, Wil confessed to us his nostalgic feelings for the glory of the ’80s videogame parlor, and shared his dream that should he ever win the Lottery, he’d build one for himself.  Well, it seems Wil is not alone:

Peter Hirschberg has just finished his stunning retro-gaming heaven, a
Valhalla for the best arcade video games ever. His Luna City Arcade has
57 fully-restored arcade classics, which span from Asteroids to Zaxxon, plus a whole load of pinballs. Amazingly enough, he does all this on his own dime, for the love of it. It’s open to the public now, and the best thing: entrance and quarters are completely free.

Did someone say "road trip?!"  You can read an interview with Peter over at Gizmodo.  And here’s a link to Peter’s website about the arcade.

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