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knitknitSomehow or other knitting and hacking have intersected.

I am no knitter and doubt I ever will be one, but I respect the fact that smart people making their own clothes is sort of a Home-Ec aspect of the DIY movement no different than circuit bending or prying the brainpan off your Robosapien. It’s all about autonomizing your life, taking responsibility for it rather then allowing it to be controlled by merchants and manufacturers.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that a guerilla knitting panel appeared in the recently completed CCC hacker conference. As home fabrication becomes more widespread, and as more women begin embracing their own definition of geekiness, expect to see this sort of thing take on a new prominence.

For a video of the CCC talk, download this torrent. Also, check out the website of KNITTA PLEASE, a worldwide guerilla knitting movement.

Via We Make Money Not Art.

Photo by Noah Sussman.

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