Cool LEGO Bridge Model

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GeekDad reader Mike Howard send along the following great note and link:

Waiting in the tyre shop today I picked up a week old local paper and flicked through it. In the middle I found a story about a local guy who has modelled the Forth Bridge in Lego. The model is over 6m (30 feet) long and uses over 11,000 Lego bricks. It’s so big that he can’t fit it into his house, so it has to be broken into sections for storage. It took six weeks to plan and 18 months to build.

Take a look at the picture set from the builder’s website.  And, in postscript, Mike adds:

Whilst searching the web for this I came across
“The UK forum for Adult Fans of LEGO“. There’s clearly a lot of very serious Lego builders out there.

Thanks, Mike! I’m sure a lot of GeekDads will be spending the next few hours getting their LEGO fixes with these links!

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