A GeekDad with an iTunes Gift-Card is a Dangerous Thing


….at least according to the family GeekTeen….All because I chose to activate the nostalgia center and download some songs from the 1980′s –
you know…when MTV stood for MUSIC television
(with real, live VJ’s and music videos)…  Things like Adam and the Ants and Men
Without Hats

Apparently I’m not alone – since the YouTube version of Safety
Dance has had over one million views.  Enjoy:

The great part is that I’ve introduced a new generation to the quirky, new wave, synthesized music of the 80′s.  In my family, the youngest children are now going around singing “Safety Dance”, "Where Do The Boys Go?", and "Pop Goes The World"
doing the moves from the Safety Dance video, and asking for Men Without Hats songs to be played in the Mini Cooper or the Mini-van.

My teenager…not so much.  She’s learned to humor me, and I’m guessing an iTunes gift-card will NOT be something she considers for my birthday…

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