Pixar + LEGO = CubeDudes


The Iron Giant (with Hogarth)The Iron Giant (with Hogarth)

The Iron Giant (with Hogarth)

Do you ever feel like some people use up all the cool talents, leaving the rest of us with the ability to, say, write blog posts about them? Angus MacLane is one of those people. Not only is he an animator at Pixar (cool, right?) but he also directed the Burn-E short. Now I’ve been informed that he plays with LEGO. And when I say “plays,” what I really mean is “builds little people in ways that I never would have imagined.”

There are “CubeDudes” from cartoons, TV shows, Transformers, G. I. Joe, superheroes, Dr. Horrible, Star Wars … the collection is mind-boggling. The Iron Giant happens to be one of my favorite underrated cartoons, but you really should click over to see what else MacLane has done—you’re sure to find something that just blows you away.

In addition, MacLane has crafted a few Pixar characters (not in the CubeDude style but still impressive), and something called—I kid you not—Space Dwarves. Dwarves! In space! What’s not to like?

Well, other than the fact that MacLane is hogging all that talent.

CubeDude by Angus MacLane, photo by Scott Clark, used with permission.

[via io9.com]

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