Nerf Swords Grow Up

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MarauderMarauderThis spring I reviewed the Nerf N-Force Sword. Vaguely manga-esque in appearance and coming in two models, the sword provides a safe outlet to the inevitable duels kids wage. As I wrote in that review, kids will battle whether it’s with pointy sticks or safe foam swords–so why not give them some Nerf?

There’s a new Nerf sword on the store shelves this fall, and boy is it cool! Called the Marauder Long Sword, it has a more European look it than its predecessor. Coming in basically identical black and red versions, the Marauder has a large and nicely padded handle, making it ideal for two-handed use. As with the previous swords, the blade is firm enough for a spirited duel but won’t do any permanent damage.

Marauder & FriendMarauder & FriendThe Marauder is about 4 feet long and fairly heavy. While the blade is foam, a plastic rod going down the blade keeps it rigid, making for very satisfying swordplay. It’s a great size for an adult (ahem) or teenager but a bit too ginormous for littler kids. Seeing my younger kids playing with it reminded me of Final Fantasy’s Cloud Strife and his giant sword. The toy is rated 8+ and usually I lower that by at least 2 years. However, in this case I might add a year or two. My son is nearly four and the sword is as long as he is tall! My five-year-old, who is big for her age, wasn’t much better off. For the 8-and-under set I’d suggest the Marauder’s littler cousins, the Nerf N-Force Shadow Fury or Thunder Fury which are much lighter and handier. But I had to choose between the two, I’d go with the Marauder.

WIRED: Cool style, safe for simulated combat, and very durable.

TIRED: Too big for the little ones!

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