Star Wars and Bagpipes, Perfect Together

Geek Culture

Found via Neatorama, a combination of two geek-pursuits that have sucked away huge parts of my life: Star Wars and Highland bagpipes.

I have "been there and done that," but alas, the internets and YouTube did not exist back then to capture my antics. And I’m now too old and dignified for that sort of thing (he said, in his best stodgy British professor accent). If there was such a thing as a geek musical instrument, I think Highland bagpipe qualifies. (Unless there are Hurdy Gurdy players out there reading this?)

This video comes coincidentally at the weekend I brought in the original Star Wars trilogy from Netflix to watch with my youngling. We’ve watched the animated Clone Wars, which he loves, but his questions about the who’s who and what’s what got to be too much, so let’s watch the movies. Plus, he loves bagpipes – mine and others – and could not contain the giggles at this vid.

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