Movie Marathons…

Geek Culture

This past weekend, I noticed that TNT
was showing one of the Lord of the Rings movies each night from Friday through Sunday.  My teenager is already scheduling movie nights with her friends over the
Christmas break from school.

She mentioned the other day that the first person in her circle of friends to get Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End would invite the others over for a viewing.  I bought this movie the other day to complete my series….but I guess I’m a bit late.  My teenager is working on having a sleep-over at another friend’s house so they can do a
Pirates of the Caribbean marathon – watching all three movies in a row. (I guess the friend with a movie theater room in her basement trumps my surround sound…but I digress)

This entire episode made me wonder what other movie marathons are popular out in the land of the GeekDad.
Let us know in the comments.

Maybe next year, I should encourage her to have a Pirates movie marathon on Talk Like A Pirate Day….


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