Nature Under Our Noses


A couple weeks ago I nearly stepped on a Woolly
Bear Caterpillar
in my garage.  This near-miss turned into a quick, Saturday-morning science/zoology lesson for the entire family.

The kids had a blast watching this fuzzy thing move across a leaf.
GeekMom fired up her laptop to google different websites for information on the Woolly Bear.  I remembered that the length of the brown stripe in the caterpillar’s middle was supposed to indicate the type of winter coming our way.

GeekMom found that the whole weather thing was not true; the length of the stripe indicates the maturity of the caterpillar.  She also found directions for hosting the bear for the winter.  This got the kids excited.  One hunted for fresh grass, another looked for a twig, and my youngest helped poke holes in the lid of a mason jar.

So, check back in the spring.  We may very well have an Isabella
Tiger Moth
in a tiny glass jar in our garage. Woolly_bear_02_2Woolly_bear_02_2

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