The Geek Diet Was Made For You and Me

Geek Culture

Mark Faithful is a self-avowed GeekDad who found a way to think about eating healthy that worked for him as a geek.  And true to geek-nature, he’s made it available online for the rest of us. It’s short, it’s simple, and it speaks to those of us who understand parameters, or programs in the scripted sense.  The Geek Diet isn’t about what you eat, but how you eat; it’s a rules-based diet that just makes sense.

Change_in_fat_deposits =  calories_consumed – calories_burned

Now that we’re all in the most difficult eating time of the year, I suggest folks consider taking a look at this one.  No silly point-based formulae, just straight-forward rules that, if stuck to, change the balance of the equation.  It’s a $5 download or a $10 printing, it’ll take you 15 minutes to read, and it might just change everything. Link.

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