Cool Alternative for the 12v Socket in Your Car

Geek Culture

CarflashlightCarflashlightI’ll probably post this on the GeekDad Wish List later, but I saw this the other day and thought it was a great, geeky little gadget.  We all still have (mostly) unused 12v sockets in our cars.  Nicely these days, we can use them to recharge our iPhones or other devices, or power the portable DVD player for our kids on long car trips.  But that means the sockets are still either left open, or left with the original lighter stuck into them at other times, which could be a safety issue.  Instead, why not plug in a small LED flashlight, so that when you need it, you have an extra light handy?  Totally says "GeekDad stocking stuffer" to me.  Spotlight Rechargeable LED Light For Your Vehicle – From Coolestgadgets.

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