The First Geekdad Contest: The Mouse-Trap Powered Car


Ok.  We talked about it in Episode 2 of The Geekdads.  If you read the archives, you saw that GeekDad participated in the 2007 Maker Faire.  At the event, one of the two the Imperial Star Destroyers was started but not completed.  It’s a complete kit and is the grand prize for our contest.

Here are the rules (we wanted them simple so lots of people could enter):

1) Parent and kid(s) work on the project together – the project is to build a mouse-trap powered car.
The mouse-trap car can be of any design, but it must utilize only a mouse-trap for propulsion and the car must move a minimum of 3 feet.
3) The design/build/test-run of the car should be captured in a
maximum 2-minute video submitted on YouTube with the keywords "GeekDad"
and "Mouse-trap car".  We want to see the parent and kids working on designing/building/and performing a test-run of the car.
4) The parent should submit an email to with the title "GeekDad Lego Star Destroyer Contest".  the email should contain your name and the link to the YouTube video.
5) Submissions will be judged by the GeekDads on creativity of the 1) the car, 2) the video.  So be creative!
6) Deadline for submissions is midnight on 31 October 2007.
7) No rodents should be harmed in the design/build/test-run of the mouse-trap powered car.
8) One entry per family

The GeekDad commenters have proved themselves a creative bunch.  We can’t wait to see your entries.  Most of all, we want to see you having fun with your kids…and send us a picture once you’ve completed the Imperial Star Destroyer!

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