Eco Awareness and the GeekKid

Geek Culture

The newest installment of BoingBoing TV features a quick segment with Xeni Jardin with Bahar Shahpar and her participation in the EcoNouveau project, something that perked up my budding environmentalist 9-year-old daughter. To quote: "This is interesting!"

She and I have had many discussions about the economics of environmentalism. Much of the better material related to this topic is a bit complicated and, let’s face it, boring to any kid. BoingBoing’s short segment is just the right approach, and a lot is packed in to a few minutes. The idea of using organic and "non-violent" methods and materials in creating common things such as clothes combined many of the things that feature in our discussions. (Did you know that silkworms are boiled out of their cocoons to make silk? Neither did I!)

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