GeekDad’s Maker Faire booth

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CNET has a good reporter’s notebook on Maker Faire coverage, including mention of the GeekDad booth. This is a shot from their slide show, which shows me and Todd Lapin showing my "minimum UAVs", which were on display all weekend (my back is killing me!).

On Saturday Brad Justus brought two (!) Lego Star Destroyers, one built and one a kit (huge thanks to Lego for providing them), and his kids dug into the kit at the booth to the rapt attention of the constant stream of visitors. On Sunday, Steve Jurvetson and Erik Charlton displayed their BIG rockets, which also drew a crowd.

The whole thing was a blast and I’m told the event attracted more than 40,000 people over the weekend. Watching kids’ faces light up as they went from booth to booth was the best part. This is where passions for science and technology start. Many thanks to MAKE Magazine for the genius of starting the event and huge thanks to all the GeekDads who helped and came by to say hi.

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