Geeks of the Galaxy Take Note

Geek Culture

We’re feeling a part of the geek digerati at my home today. A preview copy of Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy arrived at our house to great acclaim. Much like families of yesteryear gathered round the radio for their favorite program, the geeklings, geekmom, and I gathered round the book to Ooh and Aah with abandon.

I cannot express to you how wickedly cool we all think it is, even the Tweener who doesn’t think anything is cool. The 5-year-old asked to see it again for a bedtime story and complained that it was too short once my wife was done opening the more than 35 pop-ups.

We’re big fans of of pop-up books around here, and this one is in a class all of its own. The detail is simply stunning, with a level of intricacy I have never seen before. Think pop-ups on top of pop-ups, and when we  opened the last page and Luke and Vader’s light sabers actually lit up, well, let’s just call it a slam dunk success for some quick and geeky family entertainment.

Credit for this beauty goes to Matthew Reinhart. Master pop-up artist Robert Sabuda has a sneak peek up on his site with some great images of how a book like this gets put together, and you can also pre-order a signed copy.

Star Wars: A Pop Up Guide to the Galaxy goes on sale Oct. 9th. just in time for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. (Does that make anyone else here feel very old?) At $33, it’s a steal!


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