Geocaching without GPS

Geek Culture

Where’s Tucker?
–He’s out looking for a geocache.
We don’t have a GPS.
–He says he doesn’t need one. He has Google maps.

It’s not as hard as you might think go geocaching without any equipment other than an iPhone or even staring hard at a laptop before you go or, carbon watchers close your ears, print a map. In this case, we live within a quarter mile of the cache. But here’s what Tucker had done (and you can do too).

Go to
Enter your address in the "Search with Google Maps" box.
Hit enter and be amazed how many geocaches are nearby!
Get the coordinates and description of a nearby geocache.
Put the coordinates into Google Maps and switch to Satellite view.
Zoooooom waaaaay in.
Memorize or bookmark on the iPhone.
Wander around and let the clues lead you.

Once you find the geocache, fill out the finders log at the site and online.

Repeat at other geocaches.

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