Fish like a Geek

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Img_2138Img_2138 Log Cabin, outhouse, no electricity, no running water:  Where can a GeekDad get his gadget fix? 

Right in the boat. 

My brother guided us around the Lake "Up North" over Memorial Day with this MInnkota Co-Pilot. It clips onto the top of the fishing pole  (see the top image) and wirelessly controls the trolling motor. 11ezy0uiycl_sl75_111ezy0uiycl_sl75_1

It’s almost invisible technology to everyone else in the boat, you don’t realize the boat is turning around to go back over a dropoff until  you look up from your line and see the opposite shoreline.

Meanwhile, the boys sing out "Uncle Jim, there’s a fish on the screen "  when they should have their lines in the water.Img_2356_3Img_2356_3  That and the constant reminders that sound carries very well across water.  (There’s a physics lesson in there somewhere) The gadgets and the guide put us on fish, though. This one was his first walleye.

I wonder if he’s busy over the 4th of July. 

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