DIY Dad: Make Magazine’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Geek Culture

The admirably geeky people over at Makezine have just posted an excellent Father’s Day Gift Guide. There are lots of interesting ideas here for anyone shopping for that special Geekdad in their life. Since it’s Make, the emphasis is more on projects than products, but there is a wide range of fun DIY ideas to choose from, along with a few tasty potential purchases. I don’t dress up much, but I’m pretty partial to these level cuff-links.

I’m already a proud owner of the Make: Warranty Voider mini Leatherman, and it has permanently replaced the Craftsman screwdriver ring on my keychain.

Or better yet, get crafty this dad’s dad and make some T-shirts. I love this idea!

Matching Shirts: Good for younglings, this is still one of my favorites, a shirt idea for Father’s day from the Craftster forums: matching "Who’s your Daddy" and "I’m your Daddy" shirts. Here’s are some how-tos and articles on making shirts to get you started, all super cheap.


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