Geek Father’s Day – Shopping Help for Mom!

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GeekcakeGeekcakeSome comedian, I think it was Chris Rock, said that all Dad asks for in life is the big piece of chicken. But on Father’s Day, it’s a different story. This is our day, just once per year!

Me, my Father’s Day is gonna consist of 3 things: beer, grilling meat, and the promise of a new gadget. Other dads don’t have as clear a goal as I do, so maybe us GeekDads can come up with some present ideas?

The trick is that ideally, the wife and kids should come up with the gift themselves. Unfortunately, this presents the possibility of un-geeky presents and dad gamely claiming it’s perfect. “You shouldn’t have!”

Here are some places were we can send the wife and kids to find nice geeky presents:

    Jinx, geeky clothes (mainly t-shirts) for men, women and “mini-geeks.”

    Great Geek Gifts, an online store with a lot of different products, broken down by price.

    Firebox, an online store with a great Dad’s Day section.

    GeekStuff4U is an attractive site with lots of cool stuff, but it doesn’t have a convenient list format that non-geeky buyers might appreciate.

If you think up any other sites, post them in the comments section.

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