When the GeekDad’s Away….

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…I pull out Google Earth and then search for key-chains.

Whenever I have to travel for business, I use Google Earth to “fly” from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin to where I’m going so the kids can visualize where I’ll be.  I also make sure to grab a key-chain for each of them from the place I’ve traveled to.  I started buying key-chains for my kids about 3 years ago when I visited 8 countries in three weeks on a single trip (it was more than 37K air-miles).  I thought it would be a fun way for my kids to start understanding where I had been – it’s been a habit ever since. 


If I’m on a quick trip to Cincinnati, I get 4 key-chains.  If I’m in Beijing or Budapest, I grab 4 key-chains.  Two of my children have special needs, and one of the special education teachers at school encouraged the practice as it gave them something they could see, hear, and feel after I’d been away for a couple of days.


Some of the key-chains have been lost over time; however, one of my kids has saved every single one of them that I’ve brought home….  My oldest daughter keeps her favorites on her backpack for school.

My next trip is to New York City (I haven’t been there since I was a kid).  I’ll be staying near 7th Ave and 53rd St.  Are there souvenir shops nearby I should visit for key-chains? 

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